The Individual Approach
Dr. Horowitz strives to treat each patient individually and his or her problem as unique. The doctor accomplishes this by spending the time and having the patience to listen to each patient's particular history.

Our practice offers comprehensive care of foot and foot related disorders. Some of the methods commonly employed by Dr. Horowitz include:

  • Treatment of joint and muscle problems by linking lower extremety function to whole body movement
  • Gait analysis
  • Custom orthotics and bracing
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • New technologies for heel pain treatment, surgical and non-surgical
  • Diabetic, orthopedic and custom-made foot wear
  • Athletic and orthopedic shoe recommendation and guidance
  • Physical therapy for rehabilitation of foot and ankle disorders
Common Conditions Treated
Orthopedic Problems
arthritis, gout
curled toes, hammertoes
broken bones
flat feet
heel and arch pain
chronic pain, weakness,
joint and tendon pain
      Dermatologic Problems
athlete foot
corns and calluses
nail fungus
ingrown toe nails
Nerve Problems
neuroma/nerve entrapments
neuropathy: burning and
      Sports Related Problems
sprains, strains
chronic pain, weakness,
Pediatric Foot Conditions
in-toeing, out-toeing
flat feet
curling toes
ingrown nails
      Diabetic Care
ulcer care intervention
neuropathy: burning
       and tingling
diabetic shoes and insoles:
      orthopedic and custom

Treatment Philosophy
Dr. Horowitz' treatment approach is two pronged: first to calm the acute symptoms and second, to search for and address the origin of the symptoms which often have been building for years.

This comprehensive care applies to sports medicine as well as more chronic problems — the treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries should address the immediate problem in the context of any historical biomechanical problems. Functional foot orthotics are often employed to help treat a range of foot problems and maintain proper joint alignment and function.

When corrective surgery is indicated, Dr. Horowitz performs the surgical procedure and post surgical care with the goal of reestablishing normal foot function as soon as possible. He thoroughly explores alternatives to surgery but when warranted, has always employed innovative advances in medicine. For example, Dr. Horowitz was among the first at the Bowie Health Center to introduce the use of screw fixation (holding bones together in their corrected position) in the surgical correction of bunions, thereby allowing faster bone healing as well as early joint rehabilitation.

Today, his surgical practice continues to employ advances in technology to refine common forefoot procedures including bunion and hammertoe correction as well as recent innovations in heel pain treatment.